Support - Washington DC Transportation Benefits Equity Amendment ACT 2020

The Washington, DC ‘Equity Amendment ACT of 2020’ requires employers who offer free parking or pay for parking to also subsidize an employee’s transit/vanpool costs or provide compensation in the form of additional salary or health benefits.

Under the proposed policy, an employer must provide an amount that is equal to the value of the parking provided or the amount an employee subsidizes for parking. If an employee’s transit or vanpool costs are less than the value of parking or the amount subsidized for parking, the employee shall receive the remaining value in the form of additional salary or health benefits. If an employee walks to work or takes a carpool to work, an employee may elect to receive the additional compensation in the form of salary or health benefits.

Alternatively, an employer may elect to implement a TDM plan that requires approval. The plan must look to reduce drive-alone rates by 10% every year until drive alone rates at a work site or 25% or less.

Employers who choose not to abide will pay $100 per employee, per month. 

Employers who provide parking must also provide an annual report which covers the following information:

(1) The total number of employees

(2) The number of employees:

-  Offered a parking benefit

-  Using a parking benefit

-  Offered a Clean-air Transportation Fringe Benefit; and

-  Using a Clean-air Transportation Fringe Benefit.

(3) Any other information required by the Mayor by rulemaking.

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